Event Management

Let The Citrus Collective take the stress out of managing your next event, with experience in managing luncheons, launch parties, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and national tours.

Our involvement and commitment to your event includes but is not limited too:

Phase One: Pre-Event Planning

  • Research, negotiate, arrange quotes and make recommendations towards venues and delegate accomodation.
  • Attend event planning meetings on-site or via teleconference
  • Assist in the development of Event Budget
  • Assist in the planning of the Conference Schedule including any special events or private functions
  • Co-Ordinate and develop an event marketing plan
  • Arrange communication materials and public relations
  • Research, contact and confirm potential sponsors (inclusive of delegate bags)
  • Research, profile and co-ordinate potential speakers for assessment by Event Committee
  • Co-Ordinate Web, Design and Registration processes.

Phase Two: Pre-Event Co-Ordination

  • Co-Ordinate copy, design, print and distribution of the registration brochure
  • Co-Ordinate speaker agreements, including confirming speaking times, sourcing profiles for publication, av requirements and obligations
  • Maintain event management diary with frequent communication to key partners
  • Maintain registration database
  • Customised communication to delegates
  • Manage customer enquiries through email and phone
  • Work closely with venue staff to confirm requirements for room allocation, food and beverages, and audio visual
  • Research, contact and confirm, exhibitors
  • Arrange materials for Delegate Bags
  • Execute Marketing and Public Relations Plan

Phase Three: Prior to Event

  • Arrange name tags, certificates, note pads, pens, any delegate materials.
  • Confirm food and beverage requirements
  • Close registration process week prior, confirm final delegate list
  • Provide delegates with a confirmation of their registration and sessions
  • Maintain contact with speakers
  • Secure and arrange printing of handout materials for each speaker
  • Ensure all materials are transported to the venue
  • Execute Marketing and Public Relations Plan
  • Develop, print feedback forms

Phase Four: At the event

  • Co-ordinate the registration desk
  • Liase with and co-ordinate delegates, speakers, venue staff and client’s staff
  • Co-ordinate and liase with exhibitors
  • Organise distribution of certificates and delegate bags
  • Distribute handouts after the closure of presentations
  • Distribute and collect feedback forms at the end of event
  • Complete the close of the event

Phase Five: After the Event

  • Provide a detailed report based on findings from feedback forms, budget v actuals, registrations v attendance
  • Provide recommendations for next year
  • Send thank you to delegates with testimonials and event summary
  • Archive all materials, registration forms and communication details
  • Forward thank you gifts to speakers
  • Forward thank you card to exhibitors
  • Follow up on any enquiries or forward these to the relevant staff members.

No matter how large or small your next event is, entrust the planning and delivery to a Event Manager dedicated to ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch.

Contact The Citrus Collective TODAY for a quote on your next event, seminar or workshop!


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