Digital Photo Restoration & Artwork Imaging – Prices

Working from her studio on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Rochelle is equipped to undertake a range of Photo Restoration and Digital Imaging work through mastering Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, in addition Custom Artwork including Cards, Post Cards and Canvas are created through the use of Adobe InDesign.

If you are looking for a commemorative presentation or visual slideshow to be created for an upcoming birthday, anniversary or wedding, Rochelle will work with you to create the desired product using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and the Microsoft Office Suite, including the implementation of MP3 musically tracks into the file.

With a background in book publishing, Rochelle works one on one with clients interested in creating a visual masterpiece taking form as a coffee table or hardcover book. Working with Brisbane based printers, Rochelle will ensure that your project is delivered on time and to budget. Her expertise includes design, project management, copy writing, editorial support, web support, social media, marketing and distribution, so whether you are looking to create a unique gift for Christmas or have loftier ideas for your Publication, Rochelle can guide you through this process.

Digital Photo Restoration Services Include:

Bring life back into those old family photos without losing the nostalgic value. Each images is carefully digitally restored by hand. Restorations will be quoted as followed:

  • Minor – Some Dust, Speckles & Touches of Ageing – From $15/Image
  • Moderate – Minor Foldmarks, Dust Spots – From $30/Image
  • Major – Some Weather Damage, Foldmarks, Dust Spots – From $50/Image
  • Severe – Price by Quotation Only

Digital Imaging Services Include:

  • Retouching – From $20/Image
  • Image Enhancement – From $20/Image
  • Digital Recolouring – From $40/Image
  • Background Replacement – From $40/Image
  • Portraits from Group Shots – From $50/Image

Publishing & Design Services Include:

  • Montage/Collage – From $100 inc 5 images
  • Cards – From $160 (plus printing)
  • Post Cards – From $160 (plus printing)
  • Presentations/Visual Slide Shows – $400 plus Photo Restoration
  • Printed Books – Price on Quotation
  • Custom Artwork – Price on Quotation

Bulk Discounts will happily be provided for projects of 5 or more images, as the importance is on offering you a tailored made service.

To enquire how Rochelle and The Citrus Collective can assist in your Photo Restoration or Artwork Imaging Project, please complete the below contact form…


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