TCC – Services

Rochelle at The Citrus Collective has a passion for working both with Micro-SME and individuals, ensuring a tailored approach to any project, large or small.

A couple projects that Rochelle has worked on to date:

  • BRW Re-Launch – As the Trade Marketing Manager it was Rochelle’s core responsibility to ensure consistency in branding and communication delivered to the Trade Press, Advertising Agencies and Clients. From overseeing the redevelopment of the media kit, revamp of the current reader profile, identifying key industry trends, co-ordination of media lunches, graphic design, to the attendance of client and agency meetings alongside Advertising staff.
  • Tears, Tantrums and Turning Points – Chronically the journey of one young mum’s dramatic weightloss and how she managed to lose half her body weight smartly without dieting. Rochelle was instrumental throughout the editing, graphic design, type setting, project co-ordination and launch phases of the project.
  • Brad Sugar’s 7-Cities Business is Booming Australian Tour – Through her role as National Marketing Manager at ActionCOACH Australia, Rochelle guided the logistics, marketing, venue booking, event management and social media management, ensuring the ultimate success of the tour. Expectations were exceeded and the standards were highly set for the other regions that followed. Registration numbers and attendance records of previous tours were dramatically improved upon.
  • – Utilising her project management skills Rochelle oversaw and conducted the population of the 200+ page information and e-commerce based website, in addition to being responsible for the design and development of marketing materials,  and orchestration of launch and communication strategies.
  • Barefoot Basics – As an extension of her consulting side Rochelle has recently launched Barefoot Basics,, an online platform promoting women in business, a niche publishing house and events management company.
  • Turning 65 – Working with one of her favourite clients, Rochelle embarked on a three month restoration and publishing project capturing the life, travels and adventures through the use of Photoshop and Powerpoint.

To explore further what The Citrus Collective has to offer, I encourage you to explore the pages at the side.


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