Marketing: Streamline Your Social Media Message…

Streamline Your Social Media Message for Maximum Return on Investment!

Do you want to:

  • Engage your audience on a daily basis
  • Strategise and streamline the message delivered to your audience
  • Create a platform to showcase your client’s results & testimonials
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry
  • Build your online network
  • Be provided with the tools to do so…

If so…

The emergence of Social Media has provided business owners with a cost-effective and immediate method to communicate with, engage, educate and market to their clients and potential audience.

The key is to streamline your social media message to maximise your return on investment!

By engaging the Barefoot Basics Streamline Package you will receive:

  • Tailored report & analysis of your current online footprint
  • Competitive market overview
  • Step-by-Step Guide developed to maximise your ROI
  • Tailored compilation of relevant resources, templates and tools
  • Customisable 90-Day Social Media Planner
  • Hints, Tips and Action-Packed Ideas designed to generate traffic
  • Potential guest blogger opportunities

You will also be provided with advice and guidance on:

  • The importance of the use of social media for your business
  • How to incorporate the use of social media for your business into your busy daily schedule
  • Blogging essentials including how to attract traffic through tags and keywords
  • How to automate and build systems without losing the opportunity to engage your audience
  • Using email marketing to your businesses advantage
  • The benefits of building an ascension business model.

In addition you will receive one month of free coaching and online support after you receive your report to ensure that you receive maximum return on investment through the implementation process.

This is not a Social Media Maintenance Package or Bundle, click, program and forget does not apply here.

The ‘Streamline Your Social Media Message’ Business Package has been developed to provide you with the tools and education to actively develop a clear concise voice by which you will engage with your target audience. Through efficiently managing your online activities you will drive a maximum return on investment.

Book NOW for $699!


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