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Look out Facebook – the Aussies are planning to take on your corner of the web…

1 Oct

Great inspirational story about a Gold Coast couple building a Family (ie privacy efficient) platform alternative to Facebook.

Article can be found here published on www.news.com.au


Social Media Must-Haves for a Business Coach…

5 May

Are you still lost in cyber space? Not too sure which are the best or most appropriate platforms to utilise as a Business Coach?

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Introducing www.startupsmart.com.au

10 Dec

From the brains and editors of Smart Company, is the new website dedicated to providing information and resources to business start-ups.

Even if you have been in business for years, I would recommend having a flick through the website.

Life beyond Facebook…

31 Aug

Apparently it is so, as Diaspora approaches.

Another great example of social media marketing…

29 Aug

The Australian retail sector keeps their eye on Gap after their recent announcement of launching into the Oz market. Not one to do things by halves, Gap simultaneously manage to conquer the international retail market with more than $US11 million sales in one day.

See the full story at Smart Company

How your business should be using Facebook…

3 Jun

By Patrick Stafford www.smartbusiness.com.au

If Facebook was a country, its user base of 400 million people would make it the third most populous nation in the world.

How have you ensured that your business has tapped into this lucrative market?

Marketing genius…

11 May

David Thorne, of www.27bslash6.com and the spider drawing fame, has a new book out, The Internet is a Playground.

David Thorneand guess who is back in the news again, this time no less with Kate’s Birthday Party .

The guy is a genius!