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Did you go into business to sell it for a profit?

1 Oct

This article from made me think, do most business owners go into business to sell it for a profit?

Perhaps not in the micro end, where I am happy to exist, as your business is your skills set, however I have seen a number of women within the marketing field easily franchise their business as their approach is purely systems based rather than a tailored approach to each client.



What we can learn from the GASP debacle…

30 Sep

Great customer service levels and the right team members are the key to the success in any business, unfortunately for GASP the lack of both of these came to light on a national level recently.

Here is a great article from Smart Company regarding the lessons that small business can learn from this teaching in Customer Service.

Beware market backlash from misguided marketing choices…

26 Sep

Publicity, good or bad, is great for business, right?

Not so in the case of Reckitt Benckiser, who in a misguided PR and Marketing disaster led the consumer market to believe that Aussie Icon Louie the Fly was being killed off recently.

Great article at mUmBRELLA.

The two most powerful words in the English language when combined together are “I am.” – Brad Sugars

24 Sep

Social Media Must-Haves for a Business Coach…

5 May

Are you still lost in cyber space? Not too sure which are the best or most appropriate platforms to utilise as a Business Coach?

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Are you engaging your target market?

21 Apr

Whether you have just launched your business or have been in business for years, what have you done recently to engage your target market?

You have the a-typical website, blog, facebook and twitter account…with the ocassional post leading to the ocassional new lead.

What would happen if you stepped it up a notch?

How does increased conversion sound? Leading to increased profits.

Position yourself (and your brand) as the Thought Leader in your industry through:

– Build the proof of your knowledge through readily available pdf downloads, articles, blog entries on your website.

– Guest post or comment on like minded blogs and encourage reciprocal posts.

– Contribute to relevant forums or online groups.

– Actively engage in discussion and coversation with your fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

– Give people a reason to stop by your website, by keeping the information current and regularly release new products or services.

– Offer a value loaded incentive for them to subscribe to your newsletter.

– Be their match maker if they are seeking information on other products and services.

– Actively listen to their needs and wants, so you can address these during the sales process.

– Go the extra mile in your delivery.

Simple steps really, but isn’t it time that we go back to courting the consumer…

Cutting through the clutter – What is your Story?

18 Apr

As I sit here, I am pondering how to launch myself into the business arena of my new home on the Sunshine Coast.

My first networking breakfast is tomorrow and with no time to stress over not having business cards printed – my out-of-the-box brain is working overtime.

Also recognising that I have a suite of knowledge resources that will soon be ready to be launched onto the market, the need to build an audience with my target market is front and centre.

So as I work on my marketing strategy, with the product being me, I was quite grateful to come across this article by Deborah Shane on the Small Biz Trends website.

Definitely food for thought, key themes in writing your story:

– Identify your life shapers & turning points

– Think of random situations or occurrences you were involved in or witnessed that greatly moved you and why.

– Talk about things, issues, causes that you are passionate about and why.

I look forward to writing my story and sharing it with you all soon.