Social Media Must-Haves for a Business Coach…

5 May

Are you still lost in cyber space? Not too sure which are the best or most appropriate platforms to utilise as a Business Coach?

Here are the Social Media Must-Haves for Business Coaches:

Website – It doesn’t need to be too fancy. Simple and professional works best. What it needs to contain is:

  • Home Page – Address your Potential Clients needs up front, no need to be over dramatic, just offer the magic pill solution from the first sight. Capture their details with a newsletter subscription form. Link to all your social media addresses.
  •  Soft-Sell Focused Profile Page -Turn your milestones into a story that your Potential Client will relate too. Open the doors to a new relationship.
  • Services Page – What one-on-one or small group setting coaching programs do you offer?
  • Products Page – What one-to-many solutions do you offer? Create smaller ticket items that showcase your knowledge and that offer the first steps into the sales funnel. From there you can cross-promote, up sell etc.
  • Resources Page – Create a couple of fact files or one page Tips and Hints Flyers. Everyone loves freebies and information.
  • Media Page – Build your profile, provide links to any guest blogging articles that you have written.
  • Events Page – Promote your upcoming events & seminars or collect interest for new speaking engagements.
  • Testimonials – You have happy customers right? Promote their achievements (with their permission of course) and build your Credentials.
  • Contact Page – With the guarantee that you will get back to them within 24 business hours and do so. Same day even better, the longer you leave the correspondence the greater the chance you will miss out on the potential sale.
  • Google Analytics – Understand who is coming to your website, where from and from which page they are leaving.

One very important thing to note – take care with formatting in particular when using a CMS System. No one wants to see all the text on your home page as Style – Heading One.

Blog – WordPress or Blogger are ideal

  • Ensure branding consistency by chosing a theme that closely represents your website.
  • To build a regular stream of traffic, update on a regular (twice weekly is ideal) basis.
  • Keep the articles topically and relevant to the day, watch market trends.
  • Spread the love – link to other articles, invite guest bloggers to write for you.
  • Use the  blog to educate and inspire, with the occasional soft sell approach.
  • Ensure that you have a RSS feed for people to subscribe to.
  • Link your blog into Networked Blog.
  • Google Analytics is just as important on your blog as it is on your website.
  • Once again collect and provide contact details.
  • Ensure Spam filters are in place.
  • Respond to comments in a timely and engaging manner.

Above all have a succession plan and ready sales funnel in place.

LinkedIn Profile – Whilst LinkedIn is primarily a tool used by Headhunters, it is an essential platform for a business coach to utilise.

  • Build your profile, accurately portray your career to this point. The greater the detail the greater the confidence your potential client will have in your knowledge and ability.
  • Build your network of connections, who have you worked with previously, who do you network with offline, who are your business partners.
  • Build a strong affiliate base.

I don’t think this can be said enough, ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and accurate. It’s not a place to tell Fairy Tales, nor embellish your work history.

Facebook Fan Page – Over 500 million people now use Facebook, utilise this platform to its fullest potential!

  • Plan the themes of your activity rather than just randomly post.
  • Use a 90-Day Planner to keep track of what you have posted and when.
  • Use a balance between Inspirational Quotes, Hints & Tips, Soft Sales Call-Outs, Links to News Articles & Blog Posts, Pictures etc.
  • Interact and engage your audience, don’t be afraid to show your personality.
  • Keep your page Spam free, set guidelines for others using your page also.
  • Actively seek out Facebook Communities and Groups that align with your beliefs and business objectives.
  • Encourage Fans to also subscribe to your newsletter through a details capture form.
  • Accurately title your page, using key words such as your business name and industry.
  • Fill out the information sections on the Profile Page with succinct details, show your passion for education others.
  • Utilise the video and picture functions within Facebook to share your recent activity.
  • Once again, with your clients permission, celebrate their successes.
  • Ensure that the profile picture is something that people can relate too, not just your logo.
  • Facebook adverts are a cost-effective way to promote your page and business services, don’t be afraid to use them.

Above all keep your message clear and targeted, with a clear vision to leading all Fans into your sales funnel.

Twitter – Please do not set and forget.

  • Twitter is the most intimate and immediate of the social media world, I liken it to the ‘water cooler’.
  • Hang out where the cool kids hang out, what do you audience like, what keywords will they search for.
  • Create private lists of the different groups of people who you follow.
  • Use TweetDeck to track your lists, DM, @ mentions etc, but also utilise its function to schedule your tweets.
  • It’s important for you to actively engage in conversation on twitter, so set aside a moment in your evening or morning when you can pop on, liaise with others, retweet posts etc.
  • Set a succinct and genuine autodm through Social Oomph which thanks followers, encourage further interaction.
  • Regularly update and review who you follow, Twitter is a great information sharing tool, if you notice anyone too spammy unfollow them quickly, if anything at least you have learnt what not to do.

Speaking of what not to do, Twitter is an engagement tool, not a set and forget tool, ensure you have a balance in tweets, and always respond to any @Mentions and Direct Messages.

So that about sums it up.

Social Media is the one of the great tools that you are privy to in order for you to educate and inspire, use it wisely and professionally. Every footprint matters.


Founder – Barefoot Basics & The Citrus Collective


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