Are you engaging your target market?

21 Apr

Whether you have just launched your business or have been in business for years, what have you done recently to engage your target market?

You have the a-typical website, blog, facebook and twitter account…with the ocassional post leading to the ocassional new lead.

What would happen if you stepped it up a notch?

How does increased conversion sound? Leading to increased profits.

Position yourself (and your brand) as the Thought Leader in your industry through:

– Build the proof of your knowledge through readily available pdf downloads, articles, blog entries on your website.

– Guest post or comment on like minded blogs and encourage reciprocal posts.

– Contribute to relevant forums or online groups.

– Actively engage in discussion and coversation with your fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

– Give people a reason to stop by your website, by keeping the information current and regularly release new products or services.

– Offer a value loaded incentive for them to subscribe to your newsletter.

– Be their match maker if they are seeking information on other products and services.

– Actively listen to their needs and wants, so you can address these during the sales process.

– Go the extra mile in your delivery.

Simple steps really, but isn’t it time that we go back to courting the consumer…


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