In an effort to turn my hobbies into profitable businesses…

5 May

and in the excitement that it is once again payday; rather than indulge in my growing collection of heels, this pay I decided that I would invest my precious $$$ (after the bills were paid of course) into resources that will help build my budding empires.

With the fabric from last pay’s shopping trip fast being whipped into a collection of panties, ready to be sold on and at The Village Markets GC, there is no better time to get back to basics, and to learn how to build my business successfully.

First in the shopping cart ( was ‘The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online’ by Kari Chapin. With reviews from Amy Butler, the book has cred.

The Handmade Market Place

How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online

Next into the shopping cart is ‘Craft Inc. Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business’ by Meg Mateo Ilasco.

And last but not least ‘My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive as a Creative Professional for Hire’ by Michelle Goodman.  I can’t wait to read this one, flexibility and knowledge are the core strengths needed in building a Design & Marketing Career…

“Since we’re all sh**ing our pants over the current economic situation, this book couldn’t come at a better time. My So-Called Freelance Life saunters its way through the ins and outs of becoming a successful solo professional, whether you’re a newly graduated 20-something trapped in a monotonous cubicle job or a new mom looking for flexible hours. Having accumulated a great deal of experience on the topic, Michelle Goodman (author of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide) leaves no paperweight unturned, explaining how to get started, maintain a budget and schedule, gather/weed out clientele, and legally cover your a**. Goodman includes a bevy of relevant links, contacts, organizations, and advice on everything from negotiating your hourly rate to when to quit working for the Man. While her book thoroughly covers every fundamental career intricacy you can imagine, wit and hilarity are also seated firmly within. (She even quotes Peter Gallagher on The OC, thus actualizing the poetry of my heart.) Not only is this book an incredible guide on how to get started, but it’s also inspiring and oddly comforting. “You can’t hitch your entire creative career on one big break—or one fat failure,” Goodman writes, “you have to keep moving forward, reaching for bigger and better.” It’s a book you will feel compelled to keep in your personal library (probably between your college dictionary and your religious tome of choice), or you can be like me and sleep with it in your arms.”
Bust Magazine

My So-Called Freelance Life

Please Mr Postie, deliver my books safetly and uber fast!


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